Finding the right Indian Makeup look for your outfit

Finding the right Indian Makeup look for your outfit

Your outfit doesn't end with pairing the perfect pair of shoes to your kurti and dupatta ensemble. At Sakyaa, we have always advocated for the harmony of blending attire and adornment. Your makeup can be as much a part of your look as your accessories.

Why should I use Makeup?

The use of makeup has frequently been accused of being a garb to hide insecurities and is seen as inauthentic. However, the ritual of Indian makeup dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization and is mentioned profusely across varying ancient Indian texts highlighting its role in indicating a person's refinement and discipline.

How does it enhance my look?

Depends on where you want to go and how you want to look. Every face is unique, every person has a different feature they would like to enhance. It is important to know the occasion and understand your facial structure to adopt the right look. Here are some common looks:

Bold Makeup

Think rich, dramatic hues of crimson, deep plum paired with bold eyeliner and voluminous eyelashes.

Occasion: For when you have to make a statement-making presence. Weddings and festivities such as Diwali and Pongal.

Neutral Makeup

Soft, earthy tones like beige and peach with a soft eyeliner, small bindi and gentle contouring.

Occasion: For regular use such as office gatherings or a temple visit.

Light Makeup

A fresh radiant glow with cream highlighters, a gentle lip tint or gloss and a light stroke of kajal.

Occasion: For casual outings and laid-back days requiring low to no maintenance.

But where do I start?

Starting your makeup journey can seem like a daunting task at first. There are a myriad of brands and products claiming a book of virtues. However, Indian skin and features are so diverse, each person's makeup routine needs to be personalized.

On the 22nd of June 2024, Sakyaa will be hosting a "Daily Makeup Workshop for the Indian Woman" with Ms.Elizabeth Chinna. Drop us your Makeup queries and we will have them answered or register for our workshop directly. We look forward to hearing you out.

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