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Why choose only Cotton when you can choose Cotton-Silk?

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We all enjoy a simple cotton kurti to handle the heat of our toasty summers. However, a regular wash of Cotton Kurtis tend to result in the quick fading of its colors and so our spirits.

We present to you an alternative 

Cotton - Silk.


Due to its more recent development as a blend, the Cotton-Silk fabric is often overlooked for a preference for simple Cotton Kurtis. The question tends to be, why choose a blend when you can pick up a pure Cotton or Silk Kurti.


The Cotton-Silk blend of fabric combines the desired qualities of both its constituents, weaving the most graceful garments. It adopts from Cotton its lightness and breathability that creates a lovely silhouette while providing the most comfort for the Summer and Monsoons. The infusion of Silk adds a subtle sheen, elevating the essence of a normal Cotton Kurti. Cotton-Silk will offer you the comfort of Cotton while adding to it qualities of durability and luster.

The model sits smiling while she wears a Maheshwari red cotton silk kurti 

While pure Cotton Kurtis have to be handled with the utmost care during wash and drying, the Cotton-Silk blend is lower in maintenance and will preserve its colors for much longer.


Cotton fabric is produced in different levels of quality and so is Silk. Hence, it must be kept in mind that the blend of the two will also vary in quality. At Sakyaa we only use the Premium Quality of Cotton-Silk for the most effortless and durable outfits. Pair it with your favorite leggings or palazzos for an effortless daytime look, or dress it up with statement accessories and heels for a glamorous evening ensemble.



Cotton-Silk Kurtis equip the comfort of a Cotton Kurti as well as the luster and durability of Silk.

It provides a good drape and silhouette.

Cotton-Silk requires comparatively less maintenance.

At Sakyaa we make sure to use only the Premium Quality of Cotton-Silk blend for our Kurtis.

Has cotton-silk been a wardrobe essential for you?

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