Why Shop at a Boutique?

Why Shop at a Boutique?

Sakyaa is a cosy boutique that sits amidst the bustle of Tambaram’s traffic and chatter. We’ve been around since 2004 and have earned a few notes from our generous clients as to why they prefer shopping with us. A lot of these may or may not stay true to all small businesses but the core ideas behind these comments can only be implied to smaller, local boutiques.

Here’s what makes boutiques like us stand out amongst a wave of sprouting retail clothing chains:

1. Apparel catering to an individual: How often does one find the perfect fit even with their favourite brands? Almost never, because apparel simply can’t be made to fit the curves of every separate individual’s body. A perfect fit for one will not be so perfect for another and that’s okay. At smaller boutiques, it’s easier to make quick adjustments on-spot and suggest minor changes to fit your liking. At Sakyaa, we put extra effort in understanding the preference of our clients because we know and value who we are talking to.

2. A sea of machine made replicas: Mass manufactured apparel focus on producing simpler designs that can easily be reproduced. Production is standardised as much as possible by reducing the need for handcrafting. At boutiques, the opposite is evident. Every step of the process is managed, created and accompanied by an individual. This results in experimental designs and apparel catering to an individual and not the mass.

3. A curated collection: Boutiques are limited in their collection with each design standing on its own. The Kurtis at our store are individually designed by a single designer, reflecting the personality across collections no matter how uniquely crafted. Every step of the process is carefully monitored until the last stitch is made and the Kurti is placed in a bag for you. The craft in a single Kurti is evident as day, making one stand out in a sea of machine-made replicas.

4. Know who you are talking to: You will know that your feedback is heard. Both your kind words and grievances will not be pushed aside for one among many. It will be valued and worked upon. Moreover, every time you visit the store, you will be welcomed with the familiar faces of those who are familiar with your taste in design.

The main objective of retail chains is to find ways to reduce their costs by automating and simplifying as much of the process as possible. This tends to strip away from the clothing any artistry, simply making it a “product”. Smaller businesses don’t work on the same model. Our inclination is towards a passion for designing and catering to the liking of our clients.

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